Coffee morning May 2023

On the week commencing 22nd May. We celebrated ‘World Turtle Day’?

PSED – Coffee morning in our setting with our families to build relationships, community and socialise.

PSED- puppets in our role play corner. Independently choosing a name for our creative turtle.
C&L – Listening to turtle stories and following instructions for activities.
PD – Musical pencil control, musical finger painting a turtle
Lit – ‘I had a little Turtle’ song of the week with our song tray. Exploring words on our Lego board connected to our turtle theme.
Maths – Our turtle tuff tray, discover new shapes while matching them correctly to the turtle shell. Counting body parts on a turtle
EAD – Mixing colours whilst painting, a mixture of only green construction toys.
UTW – Independently deciding which country our painted turtle lives in.

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